Advancing GRW: Green Roofs and Walls in Milan

CiBiX Challenge: Advancing GRW: Green Roofs and Walls in Milan

12 November – Milan (Italy)

The City of Milan aims to scale up the number of green roofs and walls from a surface area baseline of 3% to 1.000.000 sqm of roofs having at least 10% of greening. However, accelerating investment in nature-based solutions (NBS) requires increased support and participation of private stakeholders including businesses, citizens and property owners.

The adoption and implementation rate of NBS by the private sector is still limited across the city. Persistent barriers include: finance shortages, legal and technical constraints, maintenance costs as well as a limited understanding of the direct and indirect co-benefits of NBS. To enhance the value proposition of NBS cities and businesses need to work together.

This deep dive collaboration workshop will increase support for scaling NBS. Knowledge exchange during the workshop will focus on solutions for the planning, design and implementation phases as well as re-design and adaptive investment for existing built infrastructure.

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