CiBiX Challenge Call

Open Challenge Call
CiBiX Ideator Series on Urban Mobility

Smart City Expo World Congress
19-21 November 2019
Barcelona - Spain

The upcoming CiBiX Ideator Series will bring cities and businesses to take the next steps forward on sustainable urban mobility. 

For cities, this is an opportunity to showcase bold mobility initiatives, exchange with peers and engage with innovative businesses on the most pressing challenges at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this year. 

The urban mobility sector is rapidly changing in cities around the world. Local governments are navigating how such drastic shifts – including technological innovation, the explosion of micro-mobility, expanding mobility as a service models and more – will impact residents as well as cities’ ability to manage local transport landscapes. However, while many new mobility solutions promise C02 emission reductions and sustainability benefits, cities are examining these solutions more deeply to understand which offer integrated, inclusive benefit across their entire lifecycle. 

This CiBiX Ideator Series seeks to connect cities and businesses through open dialogue on how mobility innovation is truly impacting urban environments with a focus on robust sustainability measures and cities’ needs to identify mobility partnerships for the future. 

We are looking for cities to express interest in one or both of the CiBiX Challenges:

CiBiX Challenge 1: Raising the ambition of the electric mobility transition to address lifecycle costs and circular resource use
How can cities and businesses push sustainability boundaries by minimizing the resource impact of electric mobility modes.

CiBiX Challenge 2: Adapting procurement in the changing mobility landscape
How are cities using procurement to manage and create opportunities for sustainable mobility innovations. 

Participation in the Challenge

Participating cities will present their experiences and achievements on their selected challenge to an expert city-business audience and collaborate with ICLEI to develop a deep dive Ideator workshop on their current and future needs. 

Participating cities will be recognized at the event for creative mobility initiatives and receive complimentary Smart City Expo World Congress passes. The city will also be highlighted in a CiBiX Knowledge Report following the workshop.

How to Participate

Nominate your city or a city peer to be one of the featured cities in this CiBiX Ideator Series by clicking below and sharing a link or short description of a mobility initiative that tackles one of the challenges above.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 31 October 2019.