Cities and businesses join forces to drive innovation in resilience

This year, at the tenth annual Resilient Cities Congress, ICLEI’s CiBiX City-Business Collaboration Platform will host the Delivering Resilience CiBiX Workshop Series, bringing together local governments and the private sector to tackle urban resilience.

Delivering resilience means turning plans into action and realizing goals and best practices at the local level. In order to deliver resilience on the ground, local and regional governments need collaborative partnerships and multi-stakeholder commitments.

At Resilient Cities 2019, private sector leaders who are driving the development of innovative technologies and services will join cities to tackle pressing challenges in the Delivering Resilience CiBiX Workshop Series. These workshops push the Congress beyond theory and best practice into future problem solving. Each workshop is a facilitated engagement space that brings together key stakeholders from a lead city with private sector organizations to dig in and work collaboratively towards solving one specific resilience challenge in that city.

From digital resilience to disaster preparedness to decentralized energy, the workshop series will cover a range of critical issues that cities need to tackle to be able to take the next steps to strengthen their resilience outlook.

Why a city-business collaboration?

CiBiX, ICLEI’s City-Business Collaboration Platform, helps to foster connections between our global network of cities and the private sector on key sustainability challenges and opportunities.

CiBiX is about creating a much-needed space for different types of stakeholders to meet in a open and transparent setting to be able to have an early conversation around a city-based challenge. This enables them to exchange opportunities and expectations, learn from one another and share their experience and perspective. As a city network, ICLEI also shares relevant and innovative partnership ideas and outcomes from each workshop to a wider city audience.

Recent CiBiX engagement workshops helped accelerate public-private dialogue on low emission transport in Pasig City, Philippines and low-emission energy in Jakarta, Indonesia. The dialogues built the ground for continuous collaboration between the private sector and local government focusing on sustainable systems and shared emissions reduction goals.

CiBiX workshop topics at the 2019 Resilient Cities Congress

The Delivering Resilience CiBiX Workshop Series features the cities of Malmö, Milan and Copenhagen. Each workshop has a limited number of participants to ensure direct engagement between participating businesses and the lead city. Peer cities and other interested stakeholders are also invited to attend this workshop series to learn directly from the city host and also benefit from the city-business matchmaking that the workshops facilitate.

Milan, Italy is looking to tackle challenges surrounding disaster management. In particular, the coordination of multiple stakeholders and all the relevant data involved at the different response stages creates complex scenarios for the city to manage. Future plans for expanding resilience in Milan are focused on finding new partnerships and digital tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of disaster and emergency preparedness and response.

Currently leading Sweden’s renewable energy transition, Malmö is now facing urgent challenges related to energy security and resilience. Energy demand has surged due to urban development and the electrification of heating and transport. Due to this, energy shortfall risks have been intensifying. Malmö is looking to work with solution providers that to tackle the resilience risks stemming from new energy technologies and form partnerships that will ensure a sustainable and resilient energy future.

As cities take steps towards integrating digitalisation into different aspects of city services, they are exposing themselves to new resilience risks. At Resilient Cities, Copenhagen, Denmark will work with local companies to explore what is needed to ensure and strengthen the digital resilience of local governments.

Is your city facing a similar resilience challenge? To join the Delivering Resilience CiBiX Series Workshops and learn from the challenges and solutions of host cities, contact us at Learn more:

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